1. Two, just

    So here I was, waiting for my dearest getting ready, playing with the little one - the Samyang 7.5 that is

    EPL34783.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Once more, days ago, meet Romeo 
    EPL34754.jpgby alfrjw, on Flickr

    Fast forward, before
    EPL34768.jpgby alfrjw, on Flickr

    And that’s all.

  2. Mortazzaaaaaa

  4. Stelle (presso Bolgheri)

  5. Ecco.

  6. Colazione

  7. Carbonara, oggi. #readywhenyouare

  8. Oscarucciooooo

  9. Ancora

  10. Riforme!